November 4, 1942;
04:04:13 - 04:27:54

- - Last call for Jerry Mahaffey..

grrrr! Kedzie didn't have to wait long past the 4 a.m. close to see him crawl out of the door and slowly lurch away from the building's sole lit entrance; he knelt while snubbing his cigarette on the rooftop and focussed on the target. Just as Homan said, Mahaffey was unaccompanied and dressed in a muted brown overcoat with a matching worn fedora, though once he walked away from the light over the door the color more resembled the surrounding black shadows. On a normal weekend, he would have been amongst a small throng of drunken shouting and revelry while leaving the bar, but this is a cold autumn Thursday and Kevin T's attempt to lure patrons inside with offers of nickel beer failed to attract more customers. Only a small rustle of dead leaves dragged by the wind was audible with his footsteps.

Despite a distance of only two blocks between him and his car, it still took at least ten minutes for Mahaffey to round the corner of the building; once his back was turned from 48th, Kedzie decided it was time to act. He picked up a broken half of a brick while rising from his crouched stance and stood at the edge of the apartment complex, never interrupting his gaze upon the target. With a sudden snap of his right wrist, the chain of his pocketwatch dropped to his feet before solidifying and Kedzie braced the steel to let it spring out and vault himself into the air.

Before slinging his sword out to cling to the building by the mark, he let the brick fall from the apartment rooftop. The impact of the brick on the street below completely startled the target and compelled him to stop and stare at the dark, empty street, and furiously search for the source of the noise. Though only a few seconds, the delay was long enough for Kedzie to engage his target as he desired. He faced forward while sliding down the side of the building, anchored to the brick by the sword, until he could safely jump to the ground; he kept the sword attached to the wall while he landed on the sidewalk with an audible stomp.

The mark was fully startled by Kedzie's appearence and spun around; after a second of silence he began to ask who Kedzie was but by then it was too late for questions. Kedzie swung his arm down in a sharp arc and the nearly invisible sword swept out like a whip, cut through the mark's shoulder and slowly contracted while the detached limb fell to the ground. Mahaffey was too dumbfounded and intoxicated to realize his right arm was gone before Kedzie rushed towards him and grappled him.

grrrr! Mahaffey attempted to struggle free and scream in pain but was muffled when Kedzie lodged his forearm into his mouth and kept it there. He only needed it there for a moment; Kedzie pointed the edge of his blade by the left side of the neck and punctured through in a quick single stab, but took his time in grinding the blade through his throat until he pulled it out from the right side. Kedzie released his victim and silently stared while Mahaffey knelt on the ground and struggled to stay upright while holding his mutilated neck.

With a reluctant sigh, he stepped forward to finish the job; while Kedzie savored the torture of his victims, the client specified for this task to be merciful and they were in a public street. Kedzie's own interpretation of this request became "just do it quickly", and he knew if there was any time for diversion in this job, it was now. He gripped his sword tightly and stabbed Mahaffey's head twice, once through each eye socket and not stopping before the tip protruded from the other side of his skull. Kedzie then let the sword's shaft loosen and flailed the metal whip across the mark's body, pulling bits of flesh off with each stroke. Slowly, Mahaffey's body twitched less frequently until it was immobile and Kedzie concluded the kill with a final thrust of the sword through his drained heart.

He dragged the corpse by its remaining arm to the nearby alley and dropped it behind the shadow of a garbage dumpster. He then sliced off Mahaffey's other hand and two feet before fully decapitating him. Kedzie paused to take off his coat, collected the body parts as well as Mahaffey's car keys, and used the coat to hold the appendages together. He walked back to Mahaffey's car, idly tossed the coat into the passenger seat, and drove away down H street. Kedzie had the keys to a nearby warehouse and was there within minutes; he found a new suit and dumped his old coat and bloodied clothes into the incinerator.

Police found the remains of Mahaffey's body being consumed by stray dogs hours later, and needed two weeks of questioning the bar patrons to identify him.

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